Students for Chris

Lindsey Krout Endorses Chris McDaniel

I’m Lindsay Krout, and I’m voting for Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate. Why? Because I care about my future.

As a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi, I have gained a first class education, have developed skills that would dazzle many employers, and have prepared myself for a career with which to build a life and a family in the future. And yet, I have found myself with very few options for jobs and thousands of dollars in student loans looming over my head. My situation is not unique. Those who have found jobs are the lucky few.

While Thad claims to concern himself with the future of young people, he has done little to nothing to actually decrease the national debt, promote small business opportunities, or decrease government influence in our daily lives; in fact, he has done the opposite. What will become of all that debt and lack of opportunity when Thad finally does retire? It will be my problem. The debt will fall on my shoulders and the shoulders of my children. To give you some perspective, I’m not even old enough to have ever voted for Thad before, and yet he has already saddled me with trillions of dollars in debt.

With my degree in Public Policy, I have developed the skills needed to evaluate policies and weigh the merits contained within them. The policies Thad claims as his champion bills are watered down, political maneuvers to please his voter base, but don’t actually work. Thad knows Washington– too well. He knows how to cheat the game in order to keep his spot on the team. We’ve bought into those lies for too long; it’s time for some replacements.

To sustain real change, real budget balancing, real liberty oriented policy, we must elect a Senator who will put principles above politics. The candidate for the job is Senator Chris McDaniel.

I’m voting for Chris McDaniel because 17 trillion dollars in debt is 17 trillion dollars too many, because I value my liberty over everything else, because I expect my Senator to really stand up for conservative values, instead of playing political games, and because I won’t ruin my children’s lives by standing back and allowing our national debt to grow any larger.

I’m voting for Senator Chris McDaniel because my future depends upon it.

And because yours does, too.