Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel Accepts Invitation to Debate

Laurel, MS

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Chris McDaniel has accepted WLBT’s invitation to a televised debate on Saturday, May 24th, in Jackson, Mississippi.  McDaniel also called on Sen. Cochran to join him at the debate.

“Instead of hiding behind lobbyists’ distortions and false attack ads, Sen. Cochran should explain to Mississippians in a public debate why he voted to fund Obamacare, for taxpayer funded abortion, and for trillions of dollars in debt,” McDaniel said. “I look forward to debating the issues with Senator Cochran so Mississippians have the opportunity to hear both of us present our case for Mississippi’s future.”

McDaniel has invited Sen. Cochran to debate on several occasions, and has proposed a series of debates around the state, giving Mississippi citizens the opportunity to hear both candidates’ positions. The Cochran campaign has refused to agree to a debate.

The WLBT debate would be televised in prime time programming, and would be broadcast statewide on seven of WLBT’s partner stations, including WDAM in Hattiesburg, WLOX in Biloxi/Gulfport, WTVA in Tupelo, and WMC in Memphis.

WLBT’s Wilson Stribling sent the invitation in January to both McDaniel and Sen. Cochran. Sen. Cochran’s camp has yet to agree to attend, according to Mr. Stribling.