Realtors for Chris

Realtor Scott Campbell Endorses McDaniel


All my life I have voted for Thad Cochran and have been a supporter of the Republican Party and a Reagan Conservative. I can still remember the pride in our country during the Reagan years and I remember helping my dad as he worked 7 days a week to start his own business and how it grew through the years. However, over the years I’ve seen that sense of pride diminish as the government has made it harder and harder to create small businesses and how our incentive to succeed has been slowly taken away.

Another thing I noticed was that Senator Cochran, even though a Republican, was many times on the wrong side of issues that we take to heart here in Mississippi. However, there was never anyone else to vote for, so my vote always went to Thad.

About 6 months ago a friend of mine invited me to a meeting with some citizens of our community. It was at that meeting I met Senator Chris McDaniel. The words he spoke were exactly what I had been saying myself. His love for Reagan and his conservative values created a feeling of excitement in me and my wife. I started researching Senator McDaniel and learned about how he represented our state in the fight against Obamacare pro bono and how he went up against Haley Barbour to protect Mississippians against unfair eminent domain takings by the state.

Since then I have heard Chris speak on several occasions, and I can tell you he has a great love for this country and is very concerned about the direction we are taking. Chris is passionate and will stand up for the Constitution with boldness and courage.  I want an energetic, passionate person representing me in the US Senate. Chris is definitely that guy.

I have 5 children and want them and their grandchildren to enjoy the freedom that I have had. If we don’t make a stand now it may be too late in the very near future. This election could be the turning point in our country. If we get enough people like Chris McDaniel in Washington, the Democrats won’t take advantage of the Republicans like they do now with these phony compromises that do nothing but move us closer to Socialism.

I ask you today to research the truth about Senator McDaniel. Ask him or his staff questions, and find out for yourself what kind of man he is. Once you have done that, I’m confident you will make the right choice on June 3rd. God Bless the USA!

Scott Campbell