Military for Chris

Marion & Sue Dollar Endorse Chris McDaniel

Hi, my name is Marion Dollar. I live in Taylorsville with my wife of 55 years, Shirley Sue. We were avid fans of Chris’s and devoted supporters of his after we met him. Most impressive were his obvious Christian beliefs, family values, love of Mississippi, and an inherent desire to change the direction our state and country is headed. You’ve got to love a man like that.

I served 22 years in the military, 20 years as an Engineer for Texas Instruments, am an author, write editorials for the Smith County Reformer and The Post, teach Sunday School, teach a Bible class and serve as Commander of Post 85 of the American Legion in Taylorsville. I have a MBA. I tell you this so you will know that I am no ordinary redneck-I’ve been around the block.

I am impressed with Chris McDaniel and his ability to receive and answer any questions thrown at him. He welcomes the hard ones and like Jesus, he has an answer that generally surprises his opposition. I think that is one of the major reasons Thad will not debate him. The other is that Thad’s record would be hard to defend and Thad may not be up to it physically. Chris is one of the greatest orators I have heard. I can hardly wait for him to stand up on the Senate floor with Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

Marion & Sue Dollar from Taylorsville