#McDanielForTheRecord: Second Amendment

Traditions of gun ownership in Mississippi run deep. Many of us have fond memories of our fathers and grandfathers taking us on our first hunting excursion, or our first chance to sight in our own rifles in preparation for a hunt.

Shooting sports are a family event for people in our state, whether it be a hunt or just a trip to the shooting range.

Gun ownership and the right to carry is time honored. But, it is also a fundamental part of our freedom. The Second Amendment guarantees that we have the ability to protect our families and our property, whether it be from evil men or from the dictates of government.

As a state senator, Chris McDaniel has led the fight to preserve the Second Amendment and our gun traditions. He has fought attempts to restrict gun ownership by the federal government. As your next United States Senator he will continue that fight.

In 2008, Senator McDaniel co-sponsored SB 2466, a bill to keep local governments from putting existing shooting ranges out of business.

In 2009, 2010 and 2011 he co-sponsored bills to delete prohibitions on where concealed-carry permit holders were allowed to legally carry their weapons.

In 2012, Senator McDaniel sponsored SB 2276 to create a tax holiday to exempt firearms, ammunition and other hunting supplies from taxation.

In 2013, in the face of pressure from the Obama Administrations push to regulate guns nationally, Senator McDaniel once again showed leadership in protecting Mississippi gun owners. That year he authored or co-authored bills to protect against federal encroachment on Mississippians gun rights.

Senate Bill 2774 exempted all guns manufactured within the state’s borders from the federal commerce clause.

Senate Bill 2748 authorized Mississippi Law Enforcement officials to stand down should the federal government implement a confiscation effort within the states borders.

When it comes to protecting the Second Amendment and the Constitution, Senator Chris McDaniel’s record of leadership is clear.