McDaniel Responds to Supreme Court Ruling

Laurel, MS — Republican Chris McDaniel issued a statement today in the wake of the Supreme Court’s dismissal of his motion to appeal.
“Republicans in Mississippi are still left wanting for justice after June’s Republican primary was decided by more than 40,000 Democrats,” McDaniel said. “Worse yet, the courts refused even to hear our challenge,” he continued.
“When we launched this campaign over a year ago, we committed to fight to the very end, and many conservatives showed a great deal of courage in standing up with us,” said McDaniel. “And the fight to save our republic is only just beginning.”
“But now it is time to turn the page and work to enact true conservative change in Mississippi and in Washington, D.C.,” McDaniel continued. “It is my hope that conservatives in Mississippi will view this decision as a motivating factor to get involved in Republican politics so we can change our state for the better for future generations.”
“In the coming days, I’ll be asking conservatives to join us as we continue our fight for principled leadership,” concluded McDaniel.