Mark Levin Hosts McDaniel

Chris had the opportunity to join The Great One– Mark Levin! To listen to the interview, click the image below.

Levin introduces Chris, lays out the problem with the status quo, and Chris offers his thoughts on getting the nation back on the right track.

Chris describes his political philosophy, introduces his family, and covers the dirty tactics employed by the establishment as they try to hold onto a seat held by one who has been in D.C. for nearly 42 years.

Highlights from Mark Levin:

“Chris McDaniel is an outstanding Reagan conservative, a Constitutional conservative.”

Chris’s opponent “is a senator who has been serving something like 36 years and is a reliable vote for big government, and deficits and bureaucracy.”

“I strongly hope that [Chris]┬ácan defeat Thad Cochran.”

“Chris is the conservative in this race.”

“Chris McDaniel, you’re terrific, I wish you all the best. I’m very pleased to have endorsed you.”

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