A new Human Events/Gravis poll of 691 Mississippi Republican voters conducted on December 13 shows state Senator Chris McDaniel and Senator Cochran in a dead heat in the race for United States Senate. A poll conducted by PPP one month ago showed McDaniel within 6 points of the 35-year incumbent, and the National Journal listed McDaniel as the most likely to win of any other primary challenger in the country.

“Overall, the results indicate that Senator Cochran is in a tight spot,” said Doug Kaplan, president of Gravis Marketing, a Florida-based polling and call center company. The poll also asked about other issues and carries a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.

Asked if they approved of his job performance, 39 percent said they did and 40 percent responded that they were undecided, he said.

McDaniel campaign spokesman Keith Plunkett said the race will turn on national issues.

“Washington is broken, and it is clear Mississippi voters are looking for a change. For too long, career politicians in Washington have allowed our national debt to grow out-of-control, supported taxpayer-funded bail outs and tax increases, and voted to raise their own pay,” he said.

“As more voters learn about Chris McDaniel’s conservative record of cutting spending, opposing amnesty, and fighting against Obamacare, they are rallying to his candidacy,” he said.

Keith Appell, a senior vice-president at Washington-based CRC Public Relations, which has several conservative public policy, grassroots and issue advocacy clients, said the Republican senators, who support funding Obamacare will have to answer to angry voters, including Senate Minority A. Mitchell “Mitch” McConnell Jr. (R.-Ky.).

“This confirms what many have sensed since the Defund ObamaCare fight began last summer: that these GOP incumbent Senators are vulnerable, perhaps more so than anyone thought or wanted to admit,” he said.

“These Mississippi numbers would seem to validate Cochran’s reluctance to declare his intentions. If he’s going to win re-election it’ll literally be the political fight of his life. He may have the stomach for it, or he may just hang it up,” he said.