Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chris support federal disaster relief like the Hurricane Katrina relief package?

Chris supports disaster relief efforts for massive tragedies like Katrina. This is part of the proper role of the federal government. However, fraud, waste, abuse and misspent funds must never be allowed.

Disaster relief MUST reach the intended beneficiaries, and we MUST be responsible with taxpayer dollars. Relief dollars that are wasted on no-bid contracts are dollars that do not reach their intended beneficiaries—victims of natural disasters.


Is Chris a trial lawyer?

No. Quite the contrary. Chris has been a leader for conservative legal causes for years, including helping to lead Mississippi’s legal fight against Obamacare that went all the way to the Supreme Court.

In his legal practice, Chris McDaniel almost exclusively defended companies and people AGAINST frivolous law suits.  What’s more, he has consistently voted FOR tort reform and fought against anti-business legislation as a state Senator.

The Clarion-Ledger’s Associate Editor Sam Hall debunks the Super PAC’s claim here​.

Chris is a member of the Federalist Society, the Republican National Lawyer’s Association, Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association, Mississippi Claims Association, and is a BIPEC Business Champion


What is Chris’s record on spending?

Chris McDaniel votes routinely against wasteful spending.

 For instance Chris was often one of only a few legislators to vote against bond bills that increased the state’s indebtedness.

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What is Chris’s position on Common Core?

Chris firmly opposes Common Core legislation. He helped found the Senate Conservative Coalition, the first group in the state to begin the fight against Common Core, and he has repeatedly introduced legislation that would defund and repeal Common Core in Mississippi.

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