Conservatives for Chris

Teresa Taylor Endorses Chris McDaniel

Why I am voting for Chris McDaniel

I have always been conservative, but I was not “political” until 2008. At that time, with the election of Barack Obama, our country became at risk like never before. As a small state, we don’t have much effect on what happens at the federal level – all we have are our representatives in Congress.

So I started carefully watching the votes of all of our Congressmen and our Senators. I have always voted for Thad Cochran, but this election, I will not be voting for him.

I was embarrassed when Cochran put Mississippi in the national light as the “King of Pork,” voting for more spending than any other senator. All that money did not go to Mississippi, as he would have you believe. And he has said over and over again, he doesn’t regret it. He wants his earmarks back.

I was outraged when he voted to send fighter jets to Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood took over. When I called to voice my objection, his aide told me that the jets had to be delivered or American companies would face penalties under contracts they had with Egypt. Are you kidding? When Egypt’s new Muslim president advocated annihilating Israel, we are going to worry about penalties?

I was appalled when Cochran voted to confirm John Kerry. I called about that one, too. I was told that “Senator Cochran has known Senator Kerry for years and knows what kind of man he is.” What?!

Cochran voted for bailouts, Cash for Clunkers, for every debt increase and the Farm Bill, which pays farmers not to grow crops and includes billions in food stamps and “green energy” subsidies for companies that cannot compete in the marketplace. He has voted to reduce veteran’s benefits, voted to raise taxes and to increase his own pay.

Before Obama’s election, in an interview he said he didn’t think having Obama as president would be that bad. Did you ever hear Thad Cochran speak out against Obamacare? No, you didn’t miss it because he didn’t. He voted to fund it – twice. That 100 times he voted against it? You didn’t miss that either. He didn’t. Harry Reid has never brought a vote like that to the Senate floor. Cochran has given up. He will not fight against Obamacare. He has said that, too.

He has never had a viable opponent until this year and now, we see what Cochran really is: a man who will do anything to stay in power, who will throw distortions and innuendo as well as complete fabrications at Chris McDaniel. He has run as nasty a race as I have ever seen in this state. Why can’t he just run on his record? He shouldn’t have a problem with that, should he?

This is not the 1970s. Our nation is in distress economically and the world has become more dangerous. Our liberties are being taken from us. Thad Cochran may have been a man for his time, but his time has gone.

I was excited to hear that Chris McDaniel was going to challenge Cochran. I went on a bus to Ellisville to hear him announce his campaign. I liked what I heard. He talked of fiscal responsibility, a return to the Constitution and restoration of our freedoms. He wants to get rid of Obamacare.

I am excited to be voting for Chris McDaniel. He has stood up to Obamacare and will defend our rights. He will try to turn the economic disaster around. He certainly won’t be voting for massive spending. I hope other states will send senators like him and they can actually cut the spending and stop the job-killing policies of the Democrats.

I want to see my senator speaking out. I want us to have a Ted Cruz, a Mike Lee, a Rand Paul or a Trey Gowdy (even though Gowdy is in the House) speaking up for us. I want to be able to be proud of my senator.

We need someone who is smart and unafraid. We need someone who loves this country and is not in love with power. We need someone who will look out not only for Mississippi, but for America. We need Chris McDaniel.

Teresa Taylor is from Gulfport, MS


Tina Sims Endorses Chris McDaniel

My name is Tina Sims and I am NOT a Tea Party member. As a matter of fact, I have voted Democrat for most of my voting life until 2010. When I finally started paying attention to the things that our government was doing to us, I started, really, paying attention. The first time I heard Chris McDaniel speak, I was so impressed with him that I knew that, what ever he chose to do, whether he stayed in the State Senate or moved on to a higher office, he had my support. Chris is one of the most patriotic, American loving people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. You can see the passion in his eyes when he speaks about our America. He has the fire in his belly. He is a good, honest man that puts GOD, his family and his country first. Some people are concerned that because Chris is endorsed by the Tea Party, that he will do their bidding. I am not concerned at all. Chris is a candidate for the people, All of the people, not just a select few, ALL of the people. Chris has ran an honest and dignified campaign, no matter what the opponents threw at him, Chris stood up, held his head up and refused to follow their lead. His voting record, his passion and his refusal to mud sling has just added more reasons why I know that I have made the right choice. On June 3rd I will cast my vote for our next United States Senator representing the great State of Mississippi, Chris McDaniel. Thank You

Tina Sims is from Hattiesburg, MS


Gail Dawsey Endorses Chris

Why I Endorse Chris McDaniel

About 1 1/2 yrs ago I started writing our Senators and Congressman on different voting issues taking place in Washington. The letters or e- mails I received back didnt make me very happy. They would tell me one thing and vote the opposite. So I turned to look at our state Senators & Reresentatives. I found several people with great character one being Chris McDaniel. I watched how he voted on all issues and start praying he would run against Thad Cochran. When he finally announced to us in Elliseville he was running I was thrilled maybe my grandchildren might have a chance. I think when they started the FB page Run Chris Run I was one of the first to join. Chris McDaniel is a very true, honest man that will speak up for the people in MS as he loves this state and we can’t waste anymore time. We need a Voice in Washington something we have not had in a long time. The only hope for our state of Mississippi is to send Chris McDaniel to Washington to stand up for us and be our voice. This is why I Endorse Chris McDaniel for US Senator.

Gail Dawsey


Mike Windham Endorses Chris

I have known Chris McDaniel since 2001.  At first I was surprised by his announcement to run against Senator Thad Cochran.  However, thinking about some of the conversations we had twelve years ago, I understand why Chris wants be our next Senator.  A decade ago, Chris was seriously concerned about where this country was headed and how full-time politicians seemed to forget about who they represented.  A decade ago the country was in a lot better shape than today.  Now, we have a young man with the energy, the interest and the desire to help repair this country.  Knowing Chris, I understand how he wants to leave America a better place for his two children, not a place with more debt, more laws and more taxes that seem to punish the worker and reward those who don’t work.

Repairing any problem starts with an evaluation of the problem, a resolve to solve the problem and a commitment to work until the problem is

Chris is an excellent choice for Senator and I recommend voting for Chris McDaniel for Senator on June 3rd.

 Mike Windham is from Brookhaven, MS


Patricia O’Neal-Cornwell Endorses McDaniel

Why do I support Senator Chris McDaniel?  Look around. The crumbling of our Constitutional, Representative Republic didn’t happen overnight. Where has Thad Cochran been all this time? He’s been in the belly of the beast as either the head of the Appropriations Committee, or the ranking member of any committee on which he sits for more than forty years.  Where are all of the impassioned speeches on the floor of the Senate railing against the abuses of power?  Where are the dire warnings of business strangling regulations, Obamacare, the wasteful spending that threatens the economic future of our children?  One would think someone who’s been in the Senate for forty plus years would have an affinity for the legislative branch, that he would sound the alarm when the Obama administration started usurping legislative power.  Where has Thad Cochran been?  Was he too busy enjoying the art of the deal, slapping the backs of the Ted Kennedys, cozying up with Jeanne Shaheen on “workforce investment” legislation, making deals with the likes of Chuck Schumer so he could secure votes for things like catfish research boondoggles?  Was he too busy being the “genteel senator” from MS who went along to get along, at the expense of our liberty, freedom and Constitutional Republic? The devolution of our republic has happened on Thad Cochran’s watch.  The very person whose seniority and power we are told we must retain or… or what? We’ll see the crumbling of our Constitutional Representative Republic?

 Patricia O’Neal-Cornwell is from Vancleave, MS

Yancey: McDaniel Will Fight for Mississippi

by Lee Yancey


If you are like me, one thing is certain. Next Tuesday, June 3rd, cannot come soon enough. As Jerry Clower once said, “Just shoot up in here amongst us. One of us has got to have some relief!” The Mississippi Senate race of 2014 has devolved into one of the most negative campaigns in my memory.

I was four years old when Thad Cochran was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1972. His representation of Mississippi is all I have ever known. In 1978, when Thad Cochran was elected to the United States Senate, I was a ten-year old boy in Saltillo, MS, more concerned with my Little League baseball team and seeing how far I could stretch Stretch Armstrong.

Over the years, I, like many, took pride in the fact that Mississippi’s two senators had risen so high in our country’s leadership. Trent Lott became the Senate Majority Leader and Thad Cochran became the chairman of the Appropriations Committee. Senator Cochran’s position on the Appropriations Committee ensured that he would be instrumental in how the government of the United States would spend the tax dollars of the hard-working American people.

As I look back over the years I see two distinct patterns of spending: one is the fact that Senator Thad Cochran, through the earmarking process, sent millions of dollars, home to Mississippi for a variety of projects. The other pattern I see is that the debt of the United States has grown to nearly eighteen trillion dollars ($18,000,000,000,000).

When earmarks were banned in 2010, Senator Cochran’s preferred method of sending money back to Mississippi ended. All the while, He continued voting to increase the debt limit so that the United States could borrow more money to meet the obligations of a Congress that could not and would not address their addiction to spending.

In the most recent farm bill that Senator Cochran championed, nearly 80% was for food stamps issued by the federal government. Senator Cochran brushed that fact aside and was quoted as saying, “It helps get the farm bill passed.”

As the federal government continues to grow larger, our debt increases exponentially. Our unfunded liabilities in Social Security and Medicare create an ever-widening gap endangering the benefits promised to those who have paid into the system. Obamacare increases taxes for businesses and socializes healthcare. Senator Cochran was quoted as saying that “Obamacare is too far gone to stop.” Apparently, he has no intention of working to repeal it.

I am not mad at Senator Cochran. I wish him long life and good health. But the problems in Washington D.C. are not going away and he seems reluctant to address them.

When I was elected to the Mississippi State Senate in 2007, I was privileged to be among an outstanding group of freshman senators. I learned quickly that the new senator from the Free State of Jones, Chris McDaniel, was one of the smartest men I had ever met. His gift of grasping the issues and fighting for them from the well of the Senate was impressive.

I have never known anyone who could articulate the values of our founding fathers like Chris McDaniel does reminding all of us of how beholden we are to the framers of the Constitution of the United States. I fought shoulder to shoulder with Chris McDaniel to prevent the government’s abuse of eminent domain when they sought to take away the private property of Mississippi land owners in order to give it to a business that could generate more tax dollars.

I recounted the story of how Ahab and Jezebel plotted to take Naboth’s vineyard in 1 Kings 21. King Ahab wanted Naboth’s vineyard because it adjoined his palace. Jezebel had him killed and presented the property to Ahab. Government overreach has been happening for thousands of years!

Senator McDaniel incorporated the details of the Kelo vs. City of New London decision and may other eminent domain cases and presented a fabulous defense of property rights. I think his speech was a lot better than mine!

We fought together against illegal immigration and the cost burden that it was creating for Mississippi taxpayers.

I have known Chris McDaniel as a man of courage in facing tough opposition. I have known him as a brilliant attorney and I have known him as a family man, a loving husband to his wife Jill and a loving father to his sons Cambridge and Chamberlain. He is a strong Christian with whom I have prayed with on many occasions.

I know Senator Chris McDaniel and I know that he will fight to support limited and smaller government. He will fight to decrease our country’s debt and unfunded liabilities. I know that he will fight for the rights of the unborn. I know that he will fight for our 2nd Amendment gun rights.

Our founding fathers never intended for Senators and Representatives to serve life-long terms in our Congress. Senator McDaniel has pledged to serve two terms.

He is a man of integrity and character and I am proud to endorse him as my candidate for the United States Senate.

About Lee: Senator Lee Yancey served in the MS Senate from 2008-2012 and was a candidate for State Treasurer in 2011. Yancey is an Investment Advisor Representative with Woodridge Capital Portfolio Management in Ridgeland.


 Senator Tony Smith Endorses Chris McDaniel

Dear Fellow Conservative,

After serving in the MS State Senate with Chris McDaniel the last three years, I have not found many people with the conviction and fortitude of Senator Chris McDaniel. He is intelligent, confident, and knows how to make an impact for our state-just what you expect from a Conservative in Mississippi.

As a constitutional conservative, Senator Chris McDaniel has fought for our liberties in the MS State Senate, and he will do the same in the U.S. Senate. In 2013, one of Chris’s signature pieces of legislation was the “MS Student Religious Liberties Act of 2013” that protects students’ right to express their individual religious beliefs.

That’s why I am endorsing Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate. He does what is right regardless of whether it is popular. He not only walks the walk, but talks the talk of a true Mississippi conservative. And he will not back down!

With our current health care crisis, dismal current economic outlook, lack of good jobs and the need for a balanced budget, we not only need, but must send a strong fiscal conservative to Washington, D.C.

Chris McDaniel is a leader. Chris has been recognized as M.A.D.D.’s 2012 Legislator of the Year, Mississippi State Troopers Association Legislator of the Year, Law Enforcement Officers Legislator of the Year, BIPEC Business Champion, and pro-bono attorney for Mississippi Right to Life. Chris is a proud supporter of our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and will oppose all efforts to undermine this crucial right. As a state senator, he sponsored legislation that was signed into law requiring Mississippi to honor any valid concealed carry permit issued by another state. That’s the Chris McDaniel I know.

Would you join me and many others in supporting Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate? Now is the Time!

Senator Tony Smith 

Mississippi State Senate District 47

Pearl River, Stone, Harrison & Jackson Counties

Brad Patano Endorses Chris 


Having just graduated from this year’s class of Leadership Gulf Coast, I have found myself thinking more about what leadership looks like and why politicians are often referred to as leaders. I think that a candidate’s policy ideas are equally as important as their leadership capacity, but the only way to compare and contrast policy is through a face to face debate.

In this year’s Republican U.S. Senate primary we are being deprived of that opportunity, and that is a shame. Debates should be mandatory; Campaign advertisements should not supplant an in-person debate.

“The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity.” I cannot think of a more evident concentration of that truth than the halls of Congress in Washington DC. With all due respect to Senator Thad Cochran, he is the archetype for a conforming politician. Think what you will about him, but you have to search long and hard to find acts of courage from Senator Cochran.

With 42 years of experience Senator Cochran is not standing courageously against the President and Senator Reid. Contrast Senator Cochran with State Senator McDaniel and you will see that the differences are stark.

In September of 2013 several prominent Republicans were lining up for the shot at replacing Senator Cochran, but all backed away from the opportunity. Senator McDaniel demonstrated the courage and conviction to campaign against the dominion of Senator Cochran. This campaign has proven to be every bit as politically and personally difficult as pundits warned it would be last December. Nevertheless, Senator McDaniel has stayed the course.


In DC, good policy ideas are abundant, but the courage to execute is nonexistent.

Chris McDaniel has that courage. I hope we as voters do too.

Brad Patano is from Ocean Springs


Dana Criswell Endorses McDaniel

Why I am Voting for Chris McDaniel:

Something I want everyone to know is that I do not know Chris McDaniel or Thad Cochran personally.  I’ve been to two McDaniel campaign events and shook his hand, but other than that I do not know him.  Thad Cochran has represented Mississippi in the U.S. Senate since I was 14 years old so I  have known his name but never really had any idea who he was other than the fact that he was a Republican.

The reason I think it’s important that I say I don’t know either man personally is because I believe its imperative that I make my decision based on facts about the man and not my friendship.  The truth is I don’t want to be friends with either McDaniel or Cochran because these men are interviewing to be my employee.  I want to choose the man who will do the job I want done, I do not what to hire a friend just because of our relationship.  The job these men are interviewing for is vitally important to our nation and our state, so we can not make our decision based on anything other than who is best for the job.

Two years ago I began writing for Mississippi Gun News about gun laws.  At almost 50 years of age I had become disillusioned with our nation.  I saw a President who was actively and purposefully destroying the basic fabric that holds our nation together.   I saw rules and laws coming from Washington D.C. that destroyed our freedom and liberty and I made a decision to speak out.  I had no idea if anyone would listen to what I had to say but I knew it was time for me to speak.

I began my journey by simply listening and paying attention to what our politicians were doing and saying.  What I discovered angered and scared me.  I came to the conclusion that our elected officials are out-of-control. The federal government continues to grow larger and larger every day and the only hope we have to preserve our nation and our freedom is to radically change the direction of our government.

With that belief in mind I began writing and researching.  Thad Cochran has an A rating from the NRA so I expected he had earn those high marks by being a champion for liberty and freedom.  I expected to learn that he was an ally in the fight.  But what I found was a politician who often sided with Democrats and was ready to compromise any belief or principle to maintain position and power.

He voted against Obamacare but when it was time to de-fund it, he refused to stand with Ted Cruze and others to kill Obamacare by starving it of money.  He claims to believe in liberty, freedom, and pledges allegiance to the Second Amendment, but he supported Joe Biden’s bill that would ban the guns Joe Biden didn’t believe Americans needed.   He sided with Barbara Boxer and voted to require gun locks be sold with all handguns, despite the research that shows gun locks do not provide any safety.  In 2013 when President Obama was attempting to force gun control on the nation, Thad Cochran was nowhere to be found.

Through my research I decided months before I had ever heard of Chris McDaniel that Thad Cochran was not an ally of liberty and freedom.  Thad Cochran is first and foremost a politician, a compromiser and a back-room deal maker.  No principle is too sacred to be compromised, no right of the people is more important than the deal he can make.

Thad Cochran did not represent me, I knew then I would never vote for him again.

Later a friend suggested that I look at Chris McDaniel.  My friend believed McDaniel was a true conservative who would fight for liberty and freedom and he encouraged me to do some research and learn more.  I began by looking at the laws Chris McDaniel had supported during his time as a Mississippi senator.  What I found was someone who shared my principles of liberty and freedom.  He seemed to have the same dis-trust of a large federal government, he opposed the federal government dictating to the states and he was not quick to accept federal financial assistance.

While serving in the Mississippi State Senate Chris McDaniel fought for the Second Amendment by:

  • Sponsoring a concealed carry reciprocity bill that was signed into law.
  • Co-sponsoring legislation expanding concealed carry in three consecutive years.
  • Sponsoring a “tax holiday” for gun owners and sportsmen in 2012.
  • Sponsoring the Mississippi Firearms Freedom Act.

The Firearms Freedom Act has not passed in Mississippi but I hope one day it does.  It is the single most important piece of legislation our state can pass that stands up to the power of the federal government.  This piece of legislation challenges the unlawful authority the federal government has claimed to control gun within the borders of Mississippi.  Chris McDaniel sponsored that legislation and that was enough to convince me that he is the man I want fighting for my liberty and freedom in Washington D.C.

Our country does not need any more politicians, compromisers, or back-room deals.  If we are going to save this nation from economic disaster, if we are going to reclaim our freedom and liberty, then we need a fighter.

I believe Chris McDaniel is ready to fight and that is why I am voting for Chris McDaniel on June 3.

Dana Criswell – editor, Mississippi Gun News


Mike Impey Endorses Chris McDaniel

This Memorial Day, as I sat and watched the ceremony for our deceased veterans at the Biloxi National Cemetery, I looked out at the row upon row of white headstones and thought about the courage it takes to sign your name on an oath that says you will give your life in the service of your country if called upon to do so. Fellow patriots, we are at a historic crossroads in the affairs of our nation. We can continue to elect the same people and pursue the same policies that have brought us to the fiscal, as well as the moral brink of destruction, or we can reach down deep and muster the courage to do what must be done. I know many people take comfort in doing things the way they have always been done. But that is just no longer feasible.


The State of Mississippi, and our country as a whole, needs strong conservative leadership that will stand up for what is right. We need a true conservative willing to fight to balance the budget, provide for a strong defense, keep our promises to our veterans, defend state’s rights, abolish Obamacare and pass term limits just to name a few of the important issues facing us today. I have heard the argument time and again that we need Thad Cochran’s 42 years of legislative seniority. Why? Mississippi was last in many things when this gentleman was elected and we still are. When Ronald Reagan became President, the United States was at an all-time low economically and militarily. The morale of our citizenry was very poor. This country came roaring back because people responded not to any seniority he had but to his strong leadership based on conservative principles.


I have met and stood face to face with Chris McDaniel, looking him in the eye as we spoke about the issues of this election. You will not meet a more forthright articulate gentleman than this man. He is very well versed in the Constitution and his strong conservative foundation will serve him well when he goes to represent the people of Mississippi in Washington. The system in Washington is not working and we cannot expect to fix it by putting the same people back in office.


I would ask anyone still in doubt about their vote to look into the eyes of their children and or grandchildren and honestly ask yourself if sending Thad Cochran back to Washington for another six years is going to make their life better. Our freedoms are contracting day by day, our country slides further into debt with each passing moment and we still face the ongoing threat of terrorism. We need to change this immediately and the only way to do it is to elect energetic new leadership.


Vote June 3rd to send Chris McDaniel, a strong constitutional conservative, to Washington D.C. to fight for our values and the future of our children.


Mike Impey, Alderman Ward 6 from Ocean Springs


William Bradford Endorses Chris McDaniel

My Endorsement Letter for Chris

I’d like to take a moment to ask you to please consider voting for Chris McDaniel. Chris and I attended JCJC and William Carey College, and we both coached youth basketball together in Laurel. It was in these venues where I met Chris and his wife Jill. Chris is one of the most God-fearing, family centered, politically conservative men I know.  One of the many things that I admire about Chris is his resolve to stand by his convictions. What you are hearing from Chris on the campaign trail are not just words. It is not rhetoric that he’s making up just to “tickle the ears” of the electorate in order to leverage political fame. No, just the opposite. I know this for a fact!! During our college years, I can clearly remember many nights around the kitchen table or in my living room talking with him about limited government, our country being fiscally conservative, and the dangers of an intrusive central government. He believed those principles then

and to this day he continues to believe them. His run for U.S. Senate is not out of embellishment. He truly believes that America needs to return to her Constitutional roots. I believe that you feel the same.

You need to know that Chris is a fighter! He will not give up, he will not give in, and he certainly will not be intimidated. Our country needs this desperately … someone who will stand up and fight!!! Mississippi you are very fortunate to have a man like Chris McDaniel who will represent you with character, with resolve, with passion, and compassion. Give him a chance!! I am convinced that you will be pleased with the work that he does for you. I can tell you that if you elect him, the entire nation will begin to take notice and our country will change for the better. That’s what we’re all fighting for.

Thank you for considering to vote for my friend, Chris McDaniel.

 William Bradford

Frances Perkins Endorses McDaniel

I campaigned for Thad Cochran and worked the phone banks in late ‘70’s. I liked him then and I like him now.   But this is the year that I will cast my vote for Chris McDaniel after consistently voting for Thad in every single election that he has ever been a candidate.  Even though Thad is likeable, he is no longer a man of the people.  He is a man of the Chamber of Commerce and of crony capitalism.  He no longer listens to the individual though he pretends to in his gentlemanly way.

It has become quite tiring to email and call his office when there is an important vote in the senate.  When I tell his office how I would like him to vote and ask how he’s going to vote, there is the usual reply that Senator Cochran has not yet decided.

And most of the time, he votes with his usual and rather liberal group of senators regardless of the will of his constituency.  It is most frustrating to know that I and many others are asking him to vote a certain way, and that he has no intention of doing so. Instead he does a little dance that is meant to confuse and obfuscate, and votes exactly as he had planned all along.

I am willing to take a chance on Chris McDaniel, and believe that he will vote with the small but growing group of U. S. Senators who are against unrestrained spending.  It’s time to end the decades long reign of the entrenched Senator Cochran and elect a man who will change the downward course we are on.

Frances is from Brandon, MS


Jerri Jones Endorses Chris

I know many of you may be frustrated with the election process and think why bother to even participate, especially since this campaign has gotten uglier as it has gone on.  I just want to remind you that when Chris announced his intentions to run for the US Senate, he was told by the establishment Republicans that they would “hand his head to him”.  It seems to me it’s no wonder that the campaign has turned ugly.  I appreciate Chris for being willing to stand up and fight for our Constitution.. and for us. It has been a long time since I’ve had the privilege of voting for a candidate who has the same values and concerns that I have for our great nation.  I hear so many complain about how our nation is heading in the wrong direction. Well, here is your chance to have a voice via Chris McDaniel.  Remember, Mississippi has as much clout in the US Senate as any other state because of the way our great republic was set up.  We need someone with his grit, integrity, knowledge, and passion to lead us against the liberal agenda that is destroying our nation.  I live only five minutes from Chris.  I don’t know him personally, but his father taught me in junior college.  What a great man!  And, because Chris lives in my home town, I’ve kept up with his actions in the political realm.  He is a true conservative and not part of the establishment!  We need him in Washington fighting for us!  Go vote June 3 for Chris!

Jerri is from Ellisville, MS


Cheryl Bland Endorses Chris McDaniel

Chris McDaniel is a fine Christian, family man, who loves liberty and is eager to stand and fight for America in our United States Senate. If you are undecided on whom to vote for on June 3 please go to his website and get to know Chris.

In spite of the brutal attacks on the character of this fine young two term Mississippi State Senator, Chris has instructed his volunteers to stick to the issues and not get involved with the mud slinging.

Thad Cochran is a career politician. Career politicians are a danger to the American way of life, pure and simple. Seniority means nothing if you don’t vote for the policies that move America forward.

America is $17.5 trillion in debt, with over $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. We borrow 46 cents out of every dollar we spend from places like China and Saudi Arabia. If China decided to call in our debt, just imagine what would happen to our country.

We were once respected and trusted by our allies and feared by our enemies, but thanks to this administration and Washington insiders like Thad Cochran, who enjoy the spoils of this nation, but refuse to take a stand for Mississippi values and American ideals, we are no longer the super power we once were.

ObamaCare has the potential to send our country right over the fiscal cliff. If we do not repeal or defund this horrible, socialist agenda our economy will crash under the weight of this one law alone. There is no way we can survive under the weight of this monstrous bill, and there are many solutions to health care that make more sense. Chris has presented some great ideas and will fight for them.

Amnesty is one of the things that liberals will fight for before this administration leaves office. We have millions of Americans on the public dole and we shouldn’t legalize millions of people who have already broken our laws by crossing our borders, yet we have a fine young Marine locked up right now in a Mexican jail for simple taking a wrong turn into That country.

Our President and lawmakers should fight as hard for him as they do those that are in our country illegally. This young Marine should not have spent one night in a Mexican jail. This is how little respected we are as a nation.

Chris McDaniel is oppose to granting amnesty to millions of illegals. He believes we are a nation of laws and there is a proper way for people to enter this country.

One of the most important issues we face today is the gutting of our military and the downright shameful way our Veterans are being treated by this administration. We have to have people in Washington who understands that a strong military is a deterrent and a lot of the things that are happening in Russia and Iran and across the Middle East is because we are no longer feared or respected, as a nation. Chris believes strongly, that gutting our military, and cutting the benefits of the brave men and women who have risked it all for America, is shameful. He will fight for our veterans and our flag.

There are so many issues that face our nation today. We have to have new blood, and new ideas in Washington, because old ideas do not work for times such as these. Business as usual can not be allowed to stand. In order to change the way things are done in Washington, we have to retire the politicians that have been a part of the old way of doing things and replace them with bright young patriots.

We need people in Washington fighting for us that are indebted to no one. That’s why I believe terms limits are a must. Chris McDaniel has said he will fight for term limits. I intend to give him give him a chance.

It is imperative that we change the leadership in America! I love this country and let’s face it, there is no where else to go. We are the last great hope, but hope is fading fast.

If you agree with me, I would ask that you share your thoughts with all of your friends and people that you influence.

We must help get Chris across the finish line on June 3rd!

Cheryl Bland is from Brandon, MS


Grant Sowell Endorses McDaniel

Enthusiastically voting for Chris McDaniel

Mississippi is a wonderful state full of amazing people who care about one another and have vision for the future. State Senator Chris McDaniel happens to be one of those amazing leaders who understands what it means to serve the people. His reputation of being a strong conservative senator is well known throughout the state.

Senator McDaniel gathered with several friends from around the state before he entered this race. He listened to our concerns and responded with an inspiring message filled with possibilities of what Mississippians could accomplish if presented with the right environment. He and others had not yet decided who would be in the Republican primary race at that time. His measured consideration of such an important decision to run for U.S. Senate was on display that day. He knew that in politics, the powers that be would take issue with a Constitutional conservative candidate like Chris McDaniel. Especially if he were to be challenging a forty- two year establishment incumbent. He requested prayer for God’s direction and he spoke of the challenge and sacrifice it would be for his family and supporters.

He spoke kindly of Thad Cochran as a gentleman and a nice man who had made some contributions to our state but felt his go along get along style in this season of his career is not what our country needs. What we need and deserve is for a son of Mississippi to stand boldly against the Obama administration’s progressive agenda and the GOP establishment’s complicity of that agenda. He made certain it is not his intention nor will it ever be to kiss the ring. If elected, he would not go to D.C. for the cocktail parties or rub shoulders with lobbyist but that he would go to represent the people and reign in the out of control spending. He would work to restore our Republic and get back to the Constitution. It was clear McDaniel was not one to play old guard games and wait for the establishment to insert the man next in line they deem to be the right choice for the people. This would mean a political war but one not only between two candidates but a war waged between the establishment and the people. However, it’s a war that must be waged if we were to get back to the platform of the Republican party and to the founding father’s ideas that helped shape this great nation.

Chris made a commitment that he has continued to honor throughout his campaign. He has run a clean race based on ideas and solutions. Chris has run on his record while exposing his opponent’s and he has talked about the issues that Mississippian’s care about. He has requested a debate, spoke to people all over the state and answered questions of citizens and the media. When all is done the people of Mississippi will have a clear choice. Do we want more of the same or do we want a fighter who will stand up for Mississippi and against the progressive agenda that is being inflicted on our country.

We are a hard working people full of energy and ideas yet our state has been a major underacheiver in many areas. We rank at the bottom in education, health, median family income and other areas of concern. More of the same will not serve us well in Mississippi.

If we want a better Mississippi we must change what we are doing. That’s why my vote will be for Chris McDaniel on June 3rd.

Grant Sowell from Tupelo, MS.


Carl Cupit Endorses Chris McDaniel

I watched all the “conservative” Republican shenanigans in Washington last fall and got so mad I could hardly sleep at night.  I realized it was past time to try and get them removed from office.  Thank God Chris McDaniel came along.

I have looked at some of Chris’ state senate voting records and found nothing I disagreed with, have met him and found that the Constitutional Republican principles he believes in and espouses are the very same principles I believe in.  Our nation is dying for a failure to live up to those principles.

Also I have dug into some of the claims of Haley and Henry Barbour in their Mississippi Conservative PAC attack ads and found that most, if not all their ads, are filled with hypocrisy.  The things they accuse Chris of voting for, as though they opposed them, are the very things Haley Barbour signed into law.  Talk about a dual standard and hypocrisy!

Based on a few things I have learned about Thad Cochran recently, I think he is not capable of running his senate office in Washington.   Rightly or wrongly, I believe the entirety of Senator Cochran’s senatorial responsibilities are being performed by unelected staffers. He is simply, more or less, a figurehead.  And I think those staffers are assuring the Republican establishment’s agenda, including how Senator Cochran is to vote, is carried out.  In essence I don’t think we have an elected Senator doing his job in Washington any more.  It is way past time for him to go!

In all sincerity, I believe Chris is the man God has sent for such a time as this.  In all my and my wife’s prayers and with as much effort as I can make, my intent is to see Chris McDaniel elected as the Mississippi Republican nominee for the U. S. Senate on June 3rd.

Carl Cupit is from Meadville, MS


George L. Boyles Sr. endorses McDaniel

In my opinion as a voter we need a change in Washington and the King of Pork Thad Cochran has run his ride as Senator of Mississippi and needs to go home. We need someone with new ideas and I believe Chris McDaniel is our man. He is a younger man and will serve Mississippi with honor, respect and Integrity‎.

George L. Boyles

John Evans Endorses Chris McDaniel

I’ve been wanting to vote for a principled conservative my whole life.  America was designed to encourage that type of person to represent us. The Parties have us in a strangle hold.

We are governed by the spirit of party, something George Washington warned us to beware of. True, 100% of conservatives believe what I believe.  The people who have endorsed him are not easily fooled by a politician.  I am not easily fooled.

For what it is worth, I endorse Chris.  I am a “Mr. Nobody”, but Mr. Nobody is who America was designed to protect.

John Evans is from Brandon


David Boone Endorses Chris McDaniel

My support for Chris McDaniels stems from my total disdain for what has happened to the Republican Party in the last several years. The Republican Party in their effort to please the news media and every special interest group in the country are willing to sacrifice every principal that makes our country what it was founded to be. The Republican  Party is so terrified of being called the party of  “NO” they will go along with every agenda the Democrats can conceive, oh yes, they will make speeches of protest but at the end of the day they will go along with Obama and his minions in the Democratic party.

I am of the firm opinion that our country is on the path to total destruction, I believe every thinking person who is paying attention to what is happening in Washington would agree. Thad Cochran has been in Washington forty years and is very much part of the problem. There was a time when I would try to contact his office about various issues but finally came to the conclusion I was wasting my time. Thad is in lock step with the so called “Establishment Republicans” and that means he is out of step with this Mississippi voter.

This past winter I had an opportunity to meet Chris McDaniels and was impressed with the quality of his character and his obvious ability to handle the job of being our U.S. Senator. I am convinced Chris is the person who will boldly stand up and fight for the values that most of the people in Mississippi support.

 David Boone is from Vicksburg


Lawrence Edsel (Larry) Stewart Endorses McDaniel

I am a 71 year old, retired bookkeeper, grandmother– I have not been able to meet Chris McDaniel in person due to my health. I do not need to (though I would have enjoyed the opportunity) for I am an intelligent, hard-working, Conservative Christian and I recognize in Chris these SAME VALUES. I believe Thad Cochran at one time was the same. I hope so, because for many years, I voted for him,. But it seems Washington tends to corrupt some of the best. No matter, there is no need to doubt Cochran is NOT WORKING for Mississippi’s best interests NOW NOR FOR A LONG TIME. I will vote for Chris because he is the BEST CHOICE and I believe his is HONEST in what he promises. The slanderous things said about him do not come from Cochran, rather they come from the BARBOUR PAC which has millions of dollars to pour into these lies and half truths. If our country is to survive the onslaught from Obama, the Dems and extreme liberals, we must elect men and women with the SAME BELIEFS we have to work to turn this destruction around.  So I urge everyone to join me and my family and search your heart; then go to the polls and VOTE CHRIS MCDANIELS!!    DO IT FOR OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURES.

I’m voting for Chris McDaniel! He is a true conservative, and more importantly a true libertarian. I know him, I know his record, and I know the people (like Melanie Sojourner) who are also supporting him. Chris McDaniel is the man our country needs right now!

Larry Edsel is from McComb


Donna Hamilton Endorses Chris McDaniel

I am voting for Chris McDaniel for several reasons.

• He has served Mississippi well as State Senator

• We need change in Washington that reflects our values and priorities

• I love the clean campaign he has run. It is a refreshing change in this day of mud slinging

 Donna Hamilton

Andrea Lowrie Endorses Chris 

I am voting for Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate. If you ask and answer this question, I think you will too. The question is, “During Thad Cochran’s 42 year tenure in Washington, has the federal government become more efficient, more fiscally responsible, and less expansive?” The answer is “NO”!!! During Cochran’s time in Washington, the federal government has in fact become LESS efficient, LESS fiscally responsible, and MORE expansive. Thad Cochran is largely responsible for this because he has repeatedly voted to expand the size & scope of government; for example, he voted for the creation of the U.S. Department of Education. He has repeatedly voted for budgets and irresponsible spending bills that increased the debt; for example, he voted to raise the debt ceiling 20 times, and he voted for the Bridge to Nowhere. We simply cannot afford to re-elect Thad Cochran.

I’ve heard the argument that we need to re-elect Senator Cochran because of the “leadership” that Thad Cochran’s seniority provides Mississippi.  There are 2 problems with that argument:

1.  Seniority and leadership are not the same thing. Cochran has seniority but has not shown leadership. While he voted against Obamacare initially, it took no leadership to do that because every Republican voted against it. When he had the opportunity to use his “leadership” to stand with true conservatives and block funding for Obamacare, he chose not to. Instead he followed Harry Reid’s lead and voted TO FUND Obamacare TWICE! Chris McDaniel fought against Obamacare in court and will continue to do so in the U.S. Senate.

2.) Cochran does not intend to complete his term. When Cochran retires, Governor Bryant will appoint his replacement. The replacement will be a freshman senator with no seniority and will be chosen by the Republican establishment. The Republican establishment IS Haley Barbour, who fought against Mississippians on eminent domain and issued pardons for several convicted murderers. I don’t want Haley Barbour to decide who represents me.  Chris McDaniel has shown true leadership by fighting FOR the rights of Mississippians on eminent domain and will continue to fight for our rights if elected to the U.S. Senate.

We need a proven conservative leader who will fight to reduce the size of government, eliminate wasteful spending, and start to pay down the debt.  That leader is Chris McDaniel. Please join me and

vote for Chris McDaniel in the Republican primary on June 3rd.

 Andrea Lowrie is from Madison, MS


Rodger Clifford Clapp Endorses Chris McDaniel

Although I voted for Thad in the past, I have supported Sen. McDaniel since early in his very respectful campaign, admiring his early statements of respect for his aging opponent and his consistently strictly factual but forceful advertisements while abhorring the surprisingly low class unintellectual ads against him and the surprising ignorance of the public regarding the issues.  The only letter the Clarion Ledger printed from me printed pointed out Gannet’s clear editorial policy blindly favoring the status quo and allowing their columnists to give Sen. Cochran valuable free advertising, with sarcastic twists of the facts by Sid Salter and predictably mean and poorly disguised Democratic Party sympathy statements from others.  The blatantly pro-Cochran coverage of the crazy nursing home photographing incident is just one example of how unfair the media has been to the conservative movement that is the only hope for our nation.  We all know what will happen if old Cochran wins:  he will retire early, allowing our governor to appoint another loyal liberal Rep/democrat, who will enjoy the advantage of incumbency and make our conservative constitutional cause even more difficult.

I  will be at the polls June 3 with all the friends and family I can influence, for the sake of our country.

Roger Clifford Clapp


Robbie Nichols Endorses Chris McDaniel

Hello Mississippi Voters:

I, probably like many of you, have voted for Thad Cochran every time I have voted in the MS Senate race. Most of the time Cochran did not have an opponent, or they were not a viable candidat, .and being the conservative that I am… and believing that because Cochran had that “R” after his name…that all was ok.  BUT, this time is really, very different. Mississippians have a very distinct choice between what I see as a liberal Republican (Cochran votes with the democrats half the time) and a true conservative, constitutional loving, states-rights proponent who will serve this conservative state very well.  Chris has stayed on message with the facts of Cochran’s voting record, a record that Sen. Cochran cannot defend and will not defend to the Mississippi voter by way of debating Chris McDaniel.

CHANGE, (Cochran has been in office 42 yrs.) does not come easy to lots of people, especially as one gets older, but Mississippi voters…if we do not change our representation in D.C. June 3rd , then we will have failed our state, our country, and our children by not voting for a real true constitutional conservative republican.  The outcome of this vote next Tuesday will be historical…in that when Chris McDaniel is elected, it will send a clear message to all the other young, intelligent, conservative men and women who want to truly serve this great country of ours. These fine young men and women will not feel intimidated, and they will see that it can be done…..even when up against a 42 year incumbent.

Robbie Nichols is from Greenwood, MS


M. Lance Phillips is Endorses Chris

After having the same Congressman for over forty years, aren’t we ready for someone with new ideas? Let’s say, Chris McDaniel.  Most folks retire after 20 or 30 years, so what’s so different about a Congressman??  I want someone who will actually work to put the so-called Republican “platform” into practice, not someone who is going to put the Democrat’s platform into practice because of “good will” and bipartisanship.  Let’s say, Chris McDaniel.  Sure, new guys (and gals) may not know how it all works in DC, but to me, that’s a plus.  I want new ways of doing things and new results as well.  I want citizens of the United States to actually get the benefit of actually being a citizen, special benefits that are not just given willy nilly to everyone who may be able to sneak into our country.  What’s happened to freedom, liberty, pulling oneself up by the boot straps, discipline, faith, individualism and a host of other patriotic words and phrases?  Are we so bored as to just throw away the greatest country on earth?  Are we so jaded that we don’t care that liberals and progressives want to turn us all into a bunch of politically correct zombies?  I’m annoyed with Republicans who just dally with conservatism, but fear “real” conservatives because they are “too radical” for today’s world.  Phooey!  I want Chris McDaniel!

M. Lance Phillips is from New Albany, MS


 Mike Walters Endorses McDaniel

I would like to take this opportunity to fully support Chris McDaniel and his conservative message to all Mississippians. Now is the time to finally have our voices heard in Washington D.C. Unless you have been in the small group of hierarchy of the Mississippi Republican Party or unless your name happened to be Barbour, Gov. Bryant, Wicker, Cochran, or a very select small group of others or relatives then you haven’t had a senator. Now is the time for the people to take their Senate seat back. I urge you to go to the polls on June 3rd and let’s take our senate seat back.

Senator Cochran’s record speaks for itself and does not reflect the values of the working people of Mississippi. Check his record for yourself as it is public record and the choice will be very easy to make.

I urge all Mississippians to support the candidate (Chris McDaniel) who will look after our values and not the values of the Mississippi Republican Party Hierarchy and their super-pac friends. Our country and our state needs us now to make a stand against big government, deficit spending, border control, illegal aliens, federal mandated control of schools, 2nd amendment rights, Obama Care, downsizing of our military and so many other problems that we are facing as a United people at this very moment.

Let’s send a strong message to the Washington Powerbrokers that we have had enough and it is time for a change and you can start with your June 3rd vote.

Mike Walters is from Ellisville, MS


Robert Ray Endorses Chris

I support Chris because I think Thad has not been an active senator for years and over those years he had developed relationships with a number of special interest and has drifted further and further away from the voters that put him in office.

I am 73 years old  and I think he’s 77.  Based upon personal experience I would not have the energy that the job requires and deserves and neither will he. We need and deserve a full time senator and not someone to just fill the seat.  I’ll make  a prediction.  If elected he won’t serve more than 2-3 years, probably less. He’ll retire because of his health, his wife, or some other reason and the governor will select a replacement, just as Wicker was selected. Then the replacement will be the incumbent and people will vote for him because he is the incumbent. Then we will have two senators that were never elected by the voters. They were selected by the GOP and Governor. I still think that this is the reason that Thad, at the last minute, decide to run. The GOP Establishment wanted to select his successor. They were not willing to trust the voters by throwing the primary open.

Three developers using Katrina money were going to build 3 low rent housing projects surrounding our little subdivision of 200 homes. We could kiss our property values good bye, the neighborhood would become unsafe, and Columbus is a long way from the gulf coast where help was need and Katrina money should be spent. But it’s cheaper, more profitable and easier to built low rent housing in Columbus where there is infrastructure than on the devastated coast. We (200 homes) went to Thad for help. His response? “Should this matter come before congress, I will consider it at that time.” I will never forget that response. Insulting and infuriating. It says buzz off you are bothering me. I have other big deals and big fish to fry. Thank God for Trent Lott.  We still had one senator left. He got involved and resolved the matter… thanks to Thad.

I have said it several ways but it all comes down to one thing.  Thad should have gracefully retired.  Physically and mentally, he no longer can do the job.

 Robert Ray


Correy Ruffin Endorses McDaniel

I support Chris Mcdaniel, the person, because he is my friend. A decade ago when I met Chris, I was 16 years old and he was 32 but this age gap didn’t stop us from becoming great friends. Along the way, as I have grown, Chris has encouraged me when I have made bright choices and let me know when I have made mistakes in order to help guide me in the right direction. This I sincerely thank him for, however, it is not reason enough to support a man to represent our great land in the US Senate.

I support Chris McDaniel, the candidate for US Senate, because I have seen him serving our state in Jackson with great distinction. He has spent his time in the Capitol pushing for reforms that would streamline state government and limit the scope of government in our lives. As a young person who has seen the harmful effect of a central government with too much power throughout my formative years (a few examples: the fiascos of the education overhauls of our last two presidents, the ongoing Obamacare fiasco and rising costs of living due to over regulation and poor energy policy), I definitely want support a candidate for US Senate who will fight the growth of government. Chris is the only candidate who I believe will fight the encroachment of the federal government and begin a push to repeal some of the harmful legislation of the last couple of decades.

More importantly to me, Chris believes in a free market and will support policies that push to get the government out of the way of all businesses not subsidize big business like we have seen many of the crony-capitalists in the Republican Party do today. It is a truly free market that created the vibrant middle class that is struggling to grow in America today. If my generation is to see a continuation and growth of a strong middle class, supporting free market capitalists instead of crony-capitalists must be a central issue as we approach the ballot box. I am confident that our only choice in this regard is Chris McDaniel.

I can’t speak from the same stage in life as many of those who may find themselves reading this. However, I think that this lays out a great case as to why my generation should support a change of leadership in our nation’s Capitol by voting for Chris McDaniel in the June 3rd Republican Primary.

 Corey Ruffin is from Oxford, MS


Don and Jane Tullos Endorse Chris McDaniel

 Take our Senate seat back on June 3, vote McDaniel

Thad Cochran has held the Mississippi Seat in the U.S. Senate for over 40 years and for the most part he has set in the seat and remained quite as our great country has continues to go into a spiral of massive debt and many economic and social issues.  We do not need our Senator to sit by and keep quiet.  We need a senator who will stand and fight for us the citizens of Mississippi and The United States of America. CHRIS McDANIEL is that man.  A God fearing son of Mississippi and current Mississippi State Senator will lead the fight to bring America Back.


We would like you to prayerfully consider Chris McDaniel as the next United States Senator from our great state of Mississippi. We have known Chris for over 20 years and we can assure you his heart is right.  First he is a Christian and a fine Family man, his wife Jill and two young boys.  What he says he will do; he will fight to do all he possibly can to get it done.

We are sure by now you have seen a lot of very negative TV, Radio and Print ads put out by Thad Cochran’s handlers.  When was the last time you saw Thad in Mississippi before this campaign and have you seen him now?

We ask that you check the facts. Thad has been in Washington for over 40 years. It is time for our Senator to be a voice for Mississippi not a seat holder. What has Cochran done to make America better, what has he stood up and fought for on the floor of the Senate –  you can check the facts and you will find the truth.

Thad’s handlers want you to think Chris is a bad person, but we can assure he is a fine young man and will represent the state of Mississippi and the great United States of America with professionalism, dignity, and honesty.

Chris Believes In:

·         Restoring the Constitution

·         Eliminating the national debt

·         Repealing Obamacare

·         Protecting our Second Amendment rights

·         Protecting against tax increase

·         Defending states’ rights

·         Defending traditional values

·         Securing the border, opposing amnesty

Chris is running for the U.S. Senate because the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution are under attack by an out-of Control federal government.

The liberal media and Washington insiders are pushing Thad, do you want your Senator to be controlled by the media and Washington insiders, we have had that. It is time for a new voice in Washington.


Don and Jane Tullos from Olive Branch, MS