McDaniel’s Five Promises to Mississippi

Laurel, MS   Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Chris McDaniel today announced his “Five Promises to Mississippi” on the heels of endorsing Sen. Mike Lee’s Conservative Reform Agenda last week. “My Five Promises to Mississippi represent the critical change in direction Mississippi has needed during the last four decades Sen. Cochran has been in Washington,” McDaniel…Keep Reading

McDaniel Releases Campaign Ad: “Shameless”

Laurel, MS  Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Chris McDaniel released a new campaign ad today. Entitled “Shameless,” the ad highlights Senator Thad Cochran’s shameless negative attack ads, and contrasts Sen. Cochran’s liberal record with Chris’s promise to fight to repeal Obamacare and cut government spending. Watch the ad here. TRANSCRIPT You’ve probably seen Thad Cochran’s negative…Keep Reading

Countdown – Day 1: Where’s Thad? WSJ Demonstrates: Cochran Not Present in Mississippi

Laurel, MS –  With 12 days to the primary, Senator Thad Cochran is nowhere to be found. Not only does Sen. Cochran refuse to debate Chris McDaniel, the 41-year incumbent has hosted no town halls, held very few public events, and participated in almost no radio and television interviews. Today, the Wall Street Journal released evidence that…Keep Reading

McDaniel Campaign Releases Official Poll Memo

Laurel, MS –  The campaign for Republican  U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel today released an official polling memo from WPA Opinion Research detailing how Chris McDaniel has surged into frontrunner position based on polls released yesterday. The memo finds that Thad Cochran’s image has “taken a hit” recently according to a GEB International poll , while McDaniel’s favorable have…Keep Reading

McDaniel Campaign Calls on Sen. Cochran to Denounce Super PAC

Laurel, MS The campaign for conservative Senate candidate Chris McDaniel called on Senator Thad Cochran to publicly denounce the pro-Cochran super PAC that has potentially broken federal election law in its effort to attack McDaniel.  According to Breitbart News, Tea Party Patriots have filed a second FEC complaint against the Cochran super PAC for “refusing to disclose information required…Keep Reading

DRUMROLL PLEASE… ANOTHER POLL: McDaniel Leads Cochran 43%-36%

Jackson, MS –  A new poll released today by the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund shows State Senator Chris McDaniel leading 41-year incumbent Senator Thad Cochran 43% – 36%.  This is the second poll today showing McDaniel as the definitive frontrunner and the 41-year incumbent slipping well below 50 percent. An earlier poll by Citizens United Political Victory Fund showed McDaniel beating…Keep Reading